Did You Know Your Mouth Has Enemies?

There have been a number of famous rivalries over the years, like Batman versus the Joker, McDonald’s versus Burger King, and Coke versus Pepsi. Did you know that your teeth also have rivals? Our goal is to keep your teeth as healthy as possible, but since we see you so infrequently during the year, the majority of the responsibility lies on your shoulders. There are quite a few enemies to your oral health that are constantly lurking, waiting to cause a problem. Do you know what is trying to cause damage to your teeth and oral health? Continue reading to see if you are correct!

Is This One Of Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Happy 2022! The start of a new year signifies new beginnings and a fresh start to anything you want to accomplish. We want to remind our patients that the beginning of the year is the perfect time to re-evaluate your oral health. If you have not been to our office in quite a while and are in need of a routine hygiene examination and cleaning, now is a great time to schedule your visit. Delaying your examination and cleaning can lead to a number of problems with your oral health and eventually your overall health as well. Read on to learn more about the importance of routine appointments.

Sugar Can Be SCARY For Your teeth!

October is here, which means that many of us are enjoying fall fun such as football games, pumpkin picking, and preparing for Halloween. Halloween is a favorite for many because of all the spooky decorations, costumes, and movies. While we aren’t all easily scared by movies or costumes, we are frightened of the effect extra candy and added sugar consumed during this time of year can have on your oral health. The results of added sugar on teeth can be dangerous to adults and children, so everyone in your family is at risk. We have created some simple tips to help ensure you don’t have any oral frights this Halloween season. Read on to learn more.

3 Common Habits That Damage Your Teeth

Your teeth play an important role in your everyday life. Did you know that enamel—the white protective covering on your teeth—is the hardest substance in your body? As the saying goes, “Even the mighty shall fall”, and it is possible for your teeth to become damaged if you do not care for them properly. We have created a list of bad habits that you might not be aware are causing damage to your teeth. Of course, by now you are aware that endless sugar and snacking throughout the day is not good for your teeth, or body for that matter, we have included habits that you might not be aware of. Continue reading to see if you are guilty of any of these bad habits.