Shield Teeth From Cavities

One of the biggest concerns when we see a patient of any age for their routine hygiene examination is whether there is tooth decay and a filling or other treatment will be needed. This is especially a concern for our young patients, and we understand. Parents can get frustrated because it can be difficult for children to brush their teeth properly, especially when it comes to the small crevices in the back molars. Without proper brushing, decay can begin to develop. We offer a treatment that can be beneficial for all of our patients, young and old, who are concerned about tooth decay. Read on to learn more about this treatment.

A Useful Tool In The Fight Against Tooth Decay

Children love to be independent. If you are a parent, we are sure that you are nodding your head in agreement. Even if you are not a parent, you have most likely experienced a headstrong child who has been determined to try something on their own. Children seem to express a desire to be independent when dealing with their oral care such as brushing their own teeth. While this sounds like a great idea in theory, it is important that children brush their teeth properly. Many young children have a tendency to brush the front of their teeth or suck on the toothbrush, totally ignoring the rear teeth. Over time, this can lead to decay and cavities in the rear molars. You might be wondering what can be done to help prevent this. Continue reading to learn about a common treatment that can help eliminate pesky decay from developing in the back molars.

When Brushing And Flossing Aren’t Enough

Are you concerned that brushing and flossing aren’t doing enough to prevent tooth decay? It’s easy for adults and children to sometimes lapse in their daily dental routine. At your or your family’s regular checkup, we may recommend a fast, effective treatment that can provide an added layer of protection that works alongside your regular dental hygiene routines. Read more to find out about this treatment.