Tooth Extraction Care

At Friendly Family Dentistry, we care about your oral health and will do everything we can to save your natural teeth. There are times when this is not possible and a tooth extraction is required. A tooth extraction is when the entire tooth structure, including the tooth root, is fully removed from the mouth. Learning that you need to have a tooth extracted can bring forth many emotions. Some patients experience uncertainty and fear, especially if they have never had a tooth extracted before. Many patients become concerned about the length of the recovery.

Top Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

It can be very emotional to have a tooth extracted or deal with a missing tooth or teeth. After dealing with those emotions, we at Friendly Family Dentistry don’t want choosing a tooth replacement option to be a difficult decision for you. We work with our patients to help them make a decision on an option that is most beneficial to their lifestyle. That being said, our first recommendation and most popular choice among patients are dental implants.